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Our greatest asset is to

make our pieces become

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Being sustainable is not just a brand policy, but something AROUNDtheTREE believes is indispensable for everyone’s future. It is our backbone, on which all our decisions are centered.

Our pieces are designed and produced, with strong and durable materials, focus on detail, to achieve high quality products that can survive the passage of time and continue to be treasured and desired for generations to come.

Certified wood

The only way to work with wood in a sustainable way, is to make sure of its origins. The clear-cutting of wild forests is a serious problem the world is facing. One way to counter it, is to make sure that the wood used comes from sustainable forests. Forests that are cared for and replanted so that there are always quality raw materials that don’t harm our ecosystem.

All the wood used in our production
is FSC certified.

Natural oils

Only natural oils made from fruits are applied in our products. Natural oils allow the wood to breathe, absorbing and returning humidity from the air, improving the environment around you.

100% natural fruit-based oils.

Even the metal

The entire degreasing process of the metal structure is done without the use of water or acids, but with steel grit pickling. Besides having great ecological value, this action allows a greater efficiency in the adherence of the painting, due to its rough finishing.

The final finishing is done though a powder painting process, by electrodeposition, followed by baking in an oven at 210 degrees to transmit hardness and resistance.

We can assure that even the metal used in our products is treated according to our policies.


The Cork is a unique, from the outer bark of the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber). The life cycle of cork, as a raw material, starts with the extraction of the bark from cork oaks. The so-called harvesting or stripping, which is carried out during the most active stage in the annual growth of the cork occurs from mid-May or early June to the end of august. But it is, above all, a material that is one hundred per cent natural, recyclable and reusable, essential qualities in a more environmentally friendly and less polluted modern society.

All of our patterns are made from 100% natural cork without artificial colouring.