All or products are

manually processed,

assembled and protected.

The quality of


It’s in the details that one can find the differences in high quality craftsmanship. The fine assembly of all elements holding everything together, can only be admired up close.

To achieve this, we have combined a master craftsman’s care for every last detail with the efficiency of technology, and with them, we fully trust our production.

Our master


Wood selection, processing, assembling, finishes and care are steps that are part of our production process and are made under the sharp eye and infallible touch of our Artisans. They guarantee a personalized approach with every piece that results in a top-quality product or, more precisely, a handcraft product.

We value national production and local Artisans.


With more than 30 years of experience in chairmaking, Carlos Alberto is a master craftsman specialized in fine and detailed woodwork that he perfected with an unparalleled attention to detail. Combining the traditional know-how and new technologies master Alberto is our go-to master when creating exclusive and timeless pieces like the Portuguese Roots and P.R. Lounge chairs.


As a skilful craftsman, Adérito has devoted all his life to the art of woodworking. As a master in wood joinery, he used traditional techniques to create more complex furniture pieces. Whenever we design new objects that require intrinsic joinery, Master Adérito is the one that turns it into reality.


The skilful father and son duo are both masters in the art of cabinet-making. Knowledge passed down through generations, they are experienced in the art of woodcraft, they possess a deep understanding of traditional methods and techniques to create pieces that reflect the finest shapes in our timeless designs.


Victor has a passion for woodworking, which is evident in his meticulous attention to detail when he glues, sands and finishes each piece of furniture. With his expertise and talent, he manages and oversees the quality of the wood surface, bringing to life our exclusive wood pieces finished with only natural fruit-based oils or natural bee wax.


The head of our upholstery team is Teresa, that makes all the patterning and oversees the work of cutters and seamstresses. Her expertise allows us to achieve high quality finishes in different materials, while also providing an extraordinary level of comfort in our upholstery pieces.


As our master seamstress Maria has many years of experience with a sewing machine. Responsible for combining fabrics to create high-quality upholstery solutions with high-density foam. With her vast experience, steady hands and great deal of patience Maria is able to work with all kinds of materials, from fabrics, to corks and natural leathers.



Continuous quality control ensures that our furniture collection is at all times not only beautiful to look at, but also has a long lifetime. The final step that makes each piece of furniture unique.

The choice of excellent and great quality
materials is fundamental for a piece to be perfect.

Solid wood

All the wood used in production comes exclusively from sustainable forestry, certified in accordance with the FSC. This is one of the key requirements that we do not abdicate.

Solid wood is a natural product as unique as the tree itself. In it you can see the history and life of the tree in its grains, knots and fine cracks. Our wood has a balanced level of humidity in it, so that our products don’t react to fluctuations in temperature or change due to the effect of the light. A proof of a natural product.


One of our trademarks is our walnut, coming predominantly from North America. With a very distinguished grain and harmonious colouring, it bestows the elegant look to our furniture, that we are known for.


The Ash wood used in our products comes from Europe’s sustainable forests. It has a distinctive whitish-brown look to it.


Oak wood is considered to be hardwood. Its colour is a mix of beige with a little darkish yellow.

Ash coloured Black
Applied on our 100% FSC Ash wood.

A complex technique that provides a semi-transparent appearance and allows the natural texture and depth of the ash to stay visible. Since the microstructure of the wooden surface is not smooth but brushed, the stained wood appears naturally matt despite its colouring.

Fruit-based oils

Only natural oils made from fruit are applied in our products. Natural oils allow the wood to breathe absorbing and returning humidity from the air, improving the environment around you.


A water-based glazing is applied manually in our woods – beech or ash. It has a semi-transparent coloured appearance, allowing the natural texture and depth of the wood to stay visible. Since the microstructure of the wood surface is not smooth, the stained wood appears naturally matt despite his colouring.


We have a well thought and curated fabric collection, from renowned manufactures, that differ in style and colour, so you get the product exactly as you envisioned it. All our fabrics are suited for home and contract furniture and have an abrasion test value no lower than 55,000 cycles (martindale). You can, however, suggest one you had in mind.

Natural Leather

Through dyed leather. Finishing with resins and pigments. Soft, waxy feel and semi-matte appearance due to a pigmented and protective coat.

Synthetic Leather

A sleek, faux leather with an appealing, soft touch and enduring vintage appearance, Grain is a practical alternative to real leather. A unique EasyClean technology allows you to wipe the fabric clean using a damp cloth, offering a durable quality that remains unquestionably stylish. A sophisticated autumnal palette features characteristic shades of natural tan leathers as well as on-trend colours of khaki, deep teal and taupe.


The Cork fabrics are simply extraordinary. It feels somewhat like suede, are naturally water resis- tant, inert, light weight, impermeable to liquids and gases, vibration damping and resistant to wear and temperature changes. The cork fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. All our patterns are made from natural cork without artificial coloring. The different patterns are achieved only with a combination of different bonding and cutting of the cork.


Easy upholstery, stain resistant, 100% polyester fabric, offering a bright and playful colour palette and sophisticated muted tones.


High-quality velvet, extremely soft to the touch.


Our seating’s are upholstered using high-density foam, with different levels of hardness, in order to achieve a perfect level of comfort.

Steel Paint

We offer a wide range of colours – RAL catalogue – depending on the order, but no matter the colour you choose, we use a 100% polyester powder coating finishing, with electrostatic application. And all painting process is solvent-free.


Our curated colours selection

in our finishes collection