Convey who we are, what we feel,

where we want to go and,

what moves us over the years.


Portuguese Roots Chair

designed by Alexandre Caldas

This video is about Portuguese ROOTS Chair designed by Alexandre Caldas for AROUNDtheTREE … Is more than a chair inherited from the past, its a piece of history redesigned for the future.

Who is Alexandre caldas?

Designer of AROUNDtheTREE

This video is about Alexandre Caldas, the Designer & Believer of AROUNDtheTREE. A video that transmit all its Essence, Values, Inspirations and Passions…


Selection of fabrics

The cork fabrics are very special, feels somewhat like suede, but are naturally water resistant, inert, light weight, impermeable to liquids and gases, vibration damping and resistant to wear and temperature changes.
The cork fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

P.R. Lounge chair

designed by Alexandre Caldas

P.R Lounge Chair designed by Alexandre Caldas , a master piece that won 2 design awards in 2019. The 2019 Golden Winner in the category of Interior Furniture of the European Product Design Awards and was Gold Design Award 2019 by A’Design Awards.

Spider lamp

Designed by Alexandre Caldas

Spider Lamp designed by Alexandre Caldas is a lamp with a lot of personality that marks its presence in an original way wherever it is, we decided to do a tribute to it with this short video.

100% design

London 2013

It was at 100% Design in London that the first appearance of the AROUNDtheTREE brand was made internationally in 2013 accompanied with the product design awards 2013 by Design et Al in London where the Portuguese ROOTS Chair designed by Alexandre Caldas was nominated.



Our 7th Anniversary in times of the world’s greatest pandemic, Covid-19. It’s Time to take a break , for the Good of the World!

It’s Time to STOP and Think… It’s Time to refocus as a whole, for All.
It’s Time to protect the older and the younger by example.
It’s Time to change our litlle world! …And THINK .. without Health we are Nothing! At a time when we are experiencing a global health crisis due to the pandemic created by the Coronavirus responsible for COVID19, we cannot forget the human side that characterizes us and continue to have the hope that is required of us. On 21st March, in addition to Tree Day, it is also the Anniversary of AROUNDtheTREE, as well as entering in the Spring. 
Here is our canvas to celebrate AROUNDtheTREE anniversary!

Stay Home! Stay Safe!


Soraia Rangel

The Founder & Believer of AROUNDtheTREE , Soraia Rangel was present on a TV program, in Sic Portugal, talking about the pieces of AROUNDtheTREE and its design.


Alexandre Caldas

In TVI Portugal , this is our first tv interview in 2013 to introduce the brand AROUNDtheTREE a little to the world.