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10 years 


Anniversary of AROUNDtheTREE

10 Years passed the way, 10 years full of stories, 10 years of adventures, experiences, challenges, surprises, 10 years of resilience, 10 years of believing that AROUNDtheTREE is not only a brand of designer furniture, but a brand that will leave its mark on the world of design! With its timeless, functional and sustainable designs always accompanied with stories, because life is made of stories.

December 19, 2022


New edition in Natural Straw

We’re proud of our Lounge Chair from day one. The result is a sturdy, comfortable and yet elegant Lounge Chair created in solid wood. The award distinctions that it has received over the years only adds to this feeling.

December 19, 2022


A dining table that mimics nature

Inspired by a leaf’s veins, the Herringbone is designed to be an elegant and modern dining table, proudly made by our skillful master craftsmen. If one strips a leaf of its lamina, it is left with only the veins, the structure that functions as a support. 



Living room

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Get your creativity flowing and get inspired by a modern living room curated with AROUNDtheTREE design pieces.


Concept ideas

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Get your creativity flowing and get inspired by two bedroom concept ideas curated with AROUNDtheTREE design pieces.

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In the heart of Lisbon

We recently opened out new showroom located in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a carefully curated space that features AROUNDtheTREE pieces arranged purposely to create a home like feeling, making it an inspirational dwelling for anyone.

São Bento


Official Residence of Prime Minister

It is a tremendous honour for AROUNDtheTREE to have its design pieces present at the Official Residence of the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa.




The largest tech world conference

AROUNDtheTREE was invited in 2017 to partner with WebSummit, the largest tech world conference.

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