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Original Brand of

Signature Design Furniture

AROUNDtheTREE is an Award-Winning European Original Brand of Signature Design Furniture, a responsible brand that aims to create unique furniture pieces, exclusive and timeless pieces through the harmony of innovative designers and the tradition of craftsmanship. Is also an inclusive brand that embraces environmental issues, seeking responsible partners and suppliers.

Always inspired by nature, we create unique pieces designed with all detail and functional character.

In the end, we like to think that our pieces accumulate stories as they go from Generation to Generation until they become ….

T I M E L E S S .

signature design furniture

Portuguese ROOTS Chair is the most remarkable portuguese chair design since 1953

Reborn in WOOD


designed by Alexandre Caldas

Protected by AROUNDtheTREE

signature design furniture

Proudly made in Portugal

  The World’s Next Design Icon.

Portuguese ROOTS Chair  is more than a chair inherited from the past , its a piece of history redesigned for the future.

A Symbol of Portuguese culture and Design was Reinvented . Alexandre Caldas decided to honour this iconic piece with a completely new approach. Creating a timeless piece that continues the story of its predecessor for generations to come.

To translate values like transparency, honesty and simplicity, into to a single piece of furniture which has already been praised all over the world …


Designing Stories for the Future !

Design that speaks for itself …

signature design furniture

P . R   L O U N G E   C H A I R  

The  N E W  Award-Winning Masterpiece 


The New Piece Designed by Alexandre Caldas to express a story, it is also a chair to create stories for ourselves and to share with others, we think it has an emotional response and most important, the public in general understand it . To make this lounge chair come to life, we had to figure out the best way to create it, keeping the beautiful lines it presents, while making it resistant. We had to use the best craftsman knowledge along side advance technology, to achieve the best results. P.R Lounge Chair reaches a level of perfection and comfort in part because of the relationship between their angles but no doubt to the coast rays into a cone shape.
It’s in the details that one can find the differences in high quality craftmanship. The fine assemble of all elements holding everything together, can only be admire up close.


I fell in love from the first time I had contact with the brand. The service, the detail, the concern. When I received my
Portuguese Roots Chair, it was fantastic to feel that the piece is even more beautiful live.
Thank you AROUNDtheTREE

Stephanie Oak ( New York, USA )

The Locust Desk is an authentic work of art, and for those who like wood like me, it is impressive to the touch. The support of the brand from the order to the delivery of the secretary was constant. Thank you for all your support !

Phillipe Louis ( Paris , France )

Definitely, the Portuguese Roots Chair is the chair! A chair that I will save for life. The experience of contacting AROUNDtheTREE was extremely positive, from supporting the choice of materials to the delivery of the chair at my home. Congratulations!

Christoph Den ( Basel , Switzerland )

signature design furniture

“ Simplicity is the Key of all true elegance “