Alexandre Caldas was born in 1974. was raized in a family of “makers”, starting from a very young age to have contact and work with different materials. That situation led him to study mechanics.

After that, he started early to work in the furniture area and today with his vast experience, he became passionate by design.  Alexandre Caldas is responsible for all the designing and concept pieces of AROUNDtheTREE and the PORTUGUESE ROOTS CHAIR in particular.

Alexandre Caldas

For me Design is Freedom … it is in my nature , to shape and to create .. to solve and to envolve  with freedom comes the excitement from within when i’m designing , i’m more than just the designer , i’m the skater , the cook, the mechanic and all the things in between.  The pieces that make me who i am , and reflect upon my work . That’s what means to be whole , because everything i do, inspires what i do. Sometimes it happens by accident , by necessity or purely by inspiration, but i never leave functionality behind, i never leave a problem to be solved , because in the end i always have the Freedom to start again .

Designer , Maker & Problem Solver