Some people say that the search for
happiness is nothing more than a quest for safety. Whatever your life’s adventure could be, we always end up feeling safer when we’re comfortable.

Our own nest on our own chair.

D E S I G N   C O M E S   N A T U R A L L Y


Everything is designed to be comfortable, that is why we take the cork up to the arms to make you feel even more comfortable. On a true nest it is natural to feel comfortable.
You can relax and feel secure by its surrundings. On it, you can relax and fly wherever you like.

Of all joints involved in wood construction, the commitment is always o make its final design simple and unobtrusive, hiding such complexity as much as possible…

comfortable nest wings chair
nest and wings chair


N a m e : NESTWINGS Chair
W i d t h : 71 cm
D e p t h : 60 cm
H e i g h t : 75 cm
P a c k a g i n g : 80W x65D x 85H
 P a c k a g i n g : 1 piece /package
W e i g h t : 6,5 kg

 Alexandre Caldas